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Purosol Rocket Air Bulb - Purosol Professional Lens and Screen Cleaner

Purosol Rocket Air Bulb


The Rocket Air by Purosol is a large capacity bulb for professional still and motion camera jobs   that need the power of concentrated air to clean dust and debris from surface areas around lenses, filters, screens and keyboards. Its unique one-way valve and long nozzle quickly rebounds to put the air where you need it most. Made of durable silicone rubber, the ergonomic design of the Rocket insures an even flow of air for cleaning. Clever design fins allow the Rocket to stand up on its own or lay on its side ready for the next use.


  • Removes dust and debris with a single burst of steady air.
  • An ideal air-mate for Purosol’s small Air Pro which gets into tiny spaces with precision air for those delicate cleaning jobs.
  • Easy to find on a cluttered equipment rack, cart or recesses of a dark camera bag. 
  • Ideal for keeping your laptop and computer key board clean. 
  • Handy for the photographer or film crew on the move. 


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