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Purosol Sensor Cleaning Kit w/ Small Cloth


Cleaning Kit includes

  • 1 bottle of Purosol Sensor Cleaning Fluid (1 oz.)
  • 4 specially formulated delicate microfiber cleaning swabs
  • 1 reusable microfiber cleaning cloth (small) 

Cleaning Solution

This ultra-pure aqueous based enzyme cleaning solution scientifically formulated to clean CCD and CMOS sensors when used with Purosol cleaning swabs. It dries quickly without leaving any harmful chemicals or VOC residue. The solution and cleaning swabs can be purchased separately or in kits of various cleaning swabs.

  • Laboratory formulated
  • Safe for all digital sensors and photographic optics
  • Highest purity of sensor cleaner
  • Non-Flammable
  • Produces static barrier
  • All-natural, plant enzyme formula

Cleaning Swabs

A clean, absorbent mini-pad with the ideal contour to provide even vertical edge-to-edge flow that prevents surface pooling of excessive liquid. Prolongs life of sensor while gently removing moisture during the cleaning process.

  • Removes unwanted dust and debris from CCD and CMOS surface.
  • Custom designed to draw moisture.
  • Safe for all DSLR camera sensors.
  • Special ultra-soft microfiber pad.
  • Used by professional camera repair professionals.

Purosol Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloths used for cleaning optics and screens are not all created equal. Purosol cloths stand out from the crowd for several scientific reasons which start with the fiber itself and ends with the precise way it is woven.

The resolution of high-powered microscopy told Purosol scientists what happened when different fibers reacted to the Purosol formula to derive the five factors of size, elasticity, softness, absorbency and weave that make up Purosol’s unique composition.

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