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Purosol Air Pro - Purosol Professional Lens and Screen Cleaner

Purosol Air Pro


Purosol Air Pro is ideal for removing dust and fine dirt particles on delicate camera lenses, sensors, keyboards, displays or for air cleaning small parts.

Molded from a single piece of medical grade Sarolit, a material which is tougher and longer-lasting than rubber and is environmentally friendly, free of DEHP, BDP, BBP and latex. 

The all-in-one flexible molded tip allows you to get around corners and into tight spaces without the fear of scratching delicate surfaces. The tip allows for pinpoint accuracy when applying either positive air pressure or in suction mode to remove dust and dirt particles. 

The ribbed outer surface of the Purosol Air Pro provides a non-slip grip and maximum finger and hand control. With a large 2.5 oz. bulb capacity you control the volume and pressure for each application when and where you need it. Control means everything with the Purosol Air Pro whether you need soft, short bursts, long high sustained positive pressure or the optional suction mode. Pressure and volume are always in your hands, under your control in the right place when you need it.

Purosol Air Pro is proudly made in the USA.

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