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Food Photography Tips to Make Thanksgiving Photos Look Great

Timothy Griggs Education Photography




From the classic turkey dinner on Thanksgiving to the unusual dishes that are passed down through the family that connect us with great grandparents, what we serve on the holidays reflects who we are as a culture and the cultural traditions we come from. 

Our desired to share food both physically with friends and family and virtually through social media is a tradition that goes back for millennia celebrating the importance of the harvest and the power of food to unite families, communities, and nations.

Here are two videos to help you up your food photography game this holiday season. First up is a video from SORTEDfood. They talk with Izy from Top With Cinnamon as she shares tips and tricks for food photography.



In the second video food writer, photographer, and TV presenter Donal Skehan shares his process from planning through editing on how to get amazing shots with natural light at home.





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